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The Power & Law of Sin

by David Kyle 11/7/2014


Sin is a law and power we are incapable of ignoring or defeating.Just how powerful is sin? More specifically, how powerful is it as an enemy in the life of a Christian? In our efforts to fight the ever present influence of indwelling sin, we gain an advantage by knowing our enemy.

I began a series of posts to help you understand and see the truth about sin, and using God's assessment of it from Genesis 4:7, we have been looking at these seven characteristics found in that verse; sin is:

  1. Reality
  2. Evil
  3. Near
  4. Powerful
  5. Ready
  6. Deceitful
  7. Hostile

Today I want to expose the strength and power sin brings to the battlefield and how ineffective our own best efforts are against it.

- Sin is Powerful -

I remember as a boy growing up on a farm how my brother and I would slip off to a nearby river and go swimming to escape the heat and humidity of the summer (as well as our chores). During the spring and early summer that river would fill up with the heavy rains and at times overflow its banks and the current would become too strong and dangerous.

The power and strength of sin is like that river. Swim with it and your way is easy and fast (Matthew 7:13-14) But to turn and swim against it becomes a fight as the strength and power of the current calls and presses you to turn back.

God wanted Cain to see sin as a dangerous crouching beast ready to pounce on him with a power sufficient to devour and swallow him up. Note the power and influence the Apostle Paul attributes to the indwelling sin in his own life:

So I find it to be a law that when I want to do right, evil lies close at hand. ~Romans 7:21

Paul describes the presence of indwelling sin as a law. As we all know, laws have the power and authority to influence and rule over our lives. As I noted in an earlier post, John Owens' description of sin as a law is a pretty good one.

“It [sin] is a powerful and effectual indwelling principle, inclining and pressing unto actions agreeable and suitable unto its own nature.”

Sin, as a powerful and compelling law, is not something external to us that we might ignore like a speed limit or such. Sin is an internal law, inbred and always abiding in our soul, working compelling and subjecting us to its rule and dominion.

Sin is an enemy whose power and rule cannot be broken by those who are enslaved to it. The effectual working of sin in the life of a human being is death (both physical and spiritual), damnation, and eternal separation from God and all things lovely and good.

Seems kind of overwhelming, doesn't it?

Good, because it should... because it is!

The power of sin and the realization of our utter inability to overcome it should cause us to look somewhere else. Somewhere other than ourselves to defeat it in the fight for our eternal destiny. That somewhere else we should look is Jesus and the cross on which He died for people like me and like you.

My next post will look at the power of indwelling sin in the life of a believer. Comments are open and please share your thoughts.


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