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A Prayer: The Dark Guest

by David Kyle 11/4/2014

Sin is a dark guest and dark are his ways.


Bend my hands and cut them off,
for I have often struck thee with a wayward will,
when these fingers should embrace thee by faith.

I am not yet weaned from all created glory,
honour, wisdom, and esteem of others,
for I have a secret motive to eye my name in all I do.

Let me not only speak the word sin, but see the thing itself.

Give me to view a discovered sinfulness,
to know that though my sins are crucified
they are never wholly mortified.

Hatred, malice, ill-will,
vain-glory that hungers for and hunts after
man's approval and applause,
all are crucified, forgiven,
but they rise again in my sinful heart.

O my crucified but never wholly mortified sinfulness!

O my life-long damage and daily shame!

O my indwelling and besetting sins!

O the tormenting slavery of a sinful heart!

Destroy, O God, the dark guest within
whose hidden presence makes my life a hell.

Yet thou hast not left me here without grace;
The cross still stands and meets my needs
in the deepest straits of the soul.

I thank thee that my remembrance of it
is like David's sight of Goliath's sword
which preached forth thy deliverance.

The memory of my great sins, my many temptations, my falls,
bring afresh into my mind the remembrance
of thy great help, of thy support from heaven,
of the great grace that saved such a wretch as I am.

There is no treasure so wonderful
as that continuous experience of thy grace toward me
which alone can subdue the risings of sin within:

Give me more of it.

From: The Valley of Vision, Arthur Bennet


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A Prayer: Self Knowledge

by David Kyle 10/14/2014

Because of SIN... Pray!Periodically I want to share with you a prayer concerning indwelling sin and our fight with it. These prayers come from the devotions and writings of various puritan preachers, pastors, and other godly men.


It is a good day to me when thou givest
me a glimpse of myself;

Sin is my greatest evil,
but thou art my greatest good;

I have cause to loathe myself,
and not to seek self-honour,
for no one desires to commend his own dunghill.

My country, family, church
fare worse because of my sins,
for sinners bring judgment in thinking sins are small,
or that God is not angry with them.

Let me not take other good men as my example,
and think I am good because I am like them,

For all good men are not so good as thou desirest,
are not always consistent,
do not always follow holiness,
do not feel eternal good in sore affliction.

Show me how to know when a thing is evil
which I think is right and good,
how to know when what is lawful
comes from an evil principle,
such as desire for reputation or wealth by usury.

Give me grace to recall my needs,
my lack of knowing thy will in Scripture,
of wisdom to guide others,
of daily repentance, want of which keeps thee at bay,
of the spirit of prayer, having words without love,
of zeal for thy glory, seeking my own ends,
of joy in thee and thy will,
of love to others.

And let me not lay my pipe too short of the fountain,
never touching the eternal spring,
never drawing down water from above.

From: The Valley of Vision, Arthur Bennet


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Fighting Sin Top 12

by David Kyle 9/24/2014

Fighting Sin Top 12... at least somewhere near the top.I don't really know if these are the top twelve, but they are important things to be aware of and remember in this lifelong fight with sin.

  1. This fight with sin exposes the utter corruption of my entire nature (Psalm 51:3).
  2. I understand there is no “good” part of my person which is not defiled (Romans 7:18).
  3. I recognize my complete inability to wage war against sin on my own (Romans 7:22-23).
  4. I know if I am to be saved it must be by God's grace alone without my good works (Ephesians 2:8-9).
  5. In this fight God's grace becomes all the more sweeter and precious to me (Hebrews 4:16).
  6. The righteousness of Christ becomes clearer, exalted, and more needful (Romans 3:21-26).
  7. I am utterly dependent upon and completely satisfied in Christ's righteousness (Philippians 3:8-11).
  8. When I fight sin, Satan is more frustrated and exposed at his inability to find complete victory (James 4:7).
  9. I become more dependent upon the grace of God as the struggle continues throughout life (2 Corinthians 12:9).
  10. Overtime I learn how to be Jesus to others involved in this same fight (Colossians 3:12-13).
  11. I loosen my hold on this world and look forward to death (Philippians 1:21).
  12. My assurance is strengthened as I see God's work in and through me during this fight (1 Peter 1:6-7).

Each one of these items is worth talking about, so I would like to spend time sharing about how each one is important as it relates to the fight with sin in our lives.

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